Heritage Salmon

quality salmon, raised right


About Us

Heritage salmon is a brand that belongs to a family owned aquaculture business with salmon farms in Eastern Canada, Chile and Maine. Started more than 25 years ago the company is now the largest independent salmon farmer in the Americas.

While we have grown a lot since our humble beginnings in the Bay of Fundy, Canada, we still retain our original family ownership and, most importantly, our values, which tie us to the communities we farm in and the people who work for us and make our success a reality.

We have built our business on our reputation for delivering high quality salmon as we maintain best environmental stewardship practices. Our farming programs, food safety and sustainable aquaculture methods are a model for the industry.

We were the first salmon producer in the Americas to offer Seafood Trust ECO labeled products to our customers.  In North America we offer products that are certified to the Seafood Trust CQSECO label after regular audits by a globally recognized independent certification organization.  We continue that leadership by seeking the Best Agricultural Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification for our Chilean operations.

Because we are not responsible to a multinational board of directors or stock market investors we have the freedom to innovate beyond the call of profit, which is good for us and for our customers.

Visit Cooke Aquaculture to learn more about our parent company's dedication to innovation and sustainability in salmon farming.